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Quality Accommodation Ads


One of the main ideas of this project is to provide you with the opportunity to choose an alternative to a hotel – to find quality accommodation for a lower price, to spend your holiday in a different environment, to experience the hospitality of holiday home owners, and to find your ideal holiday home where you would like to return again and again.

VisitUnity is like a meeting place for travelers and private holiday home owners.

This website is more oriented towards Europe, with most properties in Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece and Cyprus.

Why is VisitUnity a better place for travelers and property owners? Here are some reasons:

1.  Our services are free for travelers.  There are no booking fees. 

2.  We give you the ability to contact owners directly. Contacting owners is fast and easy. Travelers can make a call or deal directly by messages or email. Owners also have the ability to publish their contacts.

3.  There is no commission for holiday home owners. For this reason, we do charge a small annual subscription fee.

4.  It’s convenient and easy to use. Booking your holiday accommodation is quick and straightforward.

5.  VisitUnity is not overloaded with mass submissions from agencies (due to our listing fee). This allows travelers to find real holiday home owners more easily.

6.  We have an excellent search function. Travelers can choose their holiday homes by many criteria. Property owners advertise in a well-programmed system, setting many criteria of their property. Our system is based on Google Maps, which gives huge innovative prospects to the project and provides many possibilities for travelers.

Another advantage is that the traveler can choose from a wide range of accommodations, from a villa to a small room. Our listings include houses, apartments, cave houses, chalets, bungalows and barns. Travelers can find some really surprising and exotic styles of accommodation.

Is VisitUnity an anti-hotel service? VisitUnity does not declare that it is an anti-hotel service. In fact, while some similar services highlight themselves as anti-hotel services, sometimes even aggressively, VisitUnity views hotels respectfully and tolerantly. VisitUnity believes that people should experience both kinds of accommodation and decide which one is more suitable for their travel plans and budget. Generally, people use both, depending on their travel situation.

VisitUnity is oriented towards short-term rentals, but holiday accommodation listings are separated into three categories: short-term rentals, long-term rentals and living with families. The “long-term rentals” category is important because when people want to stay for 1–2 months, hotels are usually very expensive. The “living with families” category is an experimental category. It was created for people who want to experience more adventure, have more interaction with locals, immerse themselves in a foreign culture, and meet new friends. This category helps, because holiday home owners will know whether their guests want to be social, or if they prefer privacy.

There is also a “tour”  option where holiday home owners can show you the best places or tell you something interesting about where you are staying. When your host is your guide, it is much cheaper and more interesting than to hiring standard tour guides.

VisitUnity thinks that this project really helps make accommodation cheaper, because our services are free or low-priced. When there are no fees, travelers can feel free to investigate their options. Since there’s no need to pay upfront, they can just call or message holiday home owners and communicate live.

We expect holiday home owners to always be ready to help because travelers will thank them by paying directly.

Some websites use their own database of geographical locations, or create two systems using Google Maps and their own database. VisitUnity initially chose between 2 options: creating our own database or using Google’s geographical location database. VisitUnity decided to choose the Google system, because there are more innovative prospects on Google Maps and Google Places, and so far they have turned out to be the most useful in the travel market. Choosing one geographic location system can prevent the confusion caused by using multiple systems.

The Google Maps database is easy to use while you place your accommodation ad. It can find your location and knows everything that’s around you. It provides invaluable information to travelers, who want to know what is around their chosen place. Everything you need to know is right in front of you.

Travelers can find suggested places around their chosen accommodation such as museums, attractions, banks, bars, cafes, classes, clubs, events theatres, medical services, musical performances, open spaces, police stations, shops, sports venues, taxis, tours, and WiFi zones. They can also find additional Google Maps options such as as Panoramio, weather, traffic, public transit, and street view. VisitUnity is unique in that we have integrating all of these features into our listing service.

For travelers’ convenience, there are other options like zip code. It is useful when one travels in a car with a GPS.

As you can see, VisitUnity provides a number of advantages for travelers looking for a new kind of accommodation for their vacation. It is easy to use and provides a number of features for your convenience. We hope you will come travel with us.